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Doughlish® Chocolate Chip 4.5oz


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The 1st and Only Ready to Eat Edible Cookie Dough in Bites in the Philippines!
This is the American childhood dream come true.

Rich chocolate flavor, creamy texture with real chocolate chips
SPOON INCLUDED: Handy spoon built right into the lid – perfect for on the go snacking.
NO BAKE NEEDED: Ready to eat! Just pop the lid off and spoon delicious cookie dough right into your mouth.
EGG FREE RECIPE: We don’t use eggs and we use heat-treated flour – totally safe to eat!
UNFORGETTABLE TASTE AND TEXTURE: delicious raw, edible, triple chocolate brownie cookie dough that is both authentic and delicious.
Store in a cool dry place.
Certified Kosher Dairy (CRC Dairy)
Egg Free
Made in USA
128 grams each box


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